Vortex Shedding development notes

  • this is our working page for this project
  • please review and answer what you can via email or send me your chosen user name & i can give you direct access to this wiki
  • see particularly the html5 questions/decision tree

Background information

  • Quarry vm on image info
  • from Michael Banks
    I am currently building a web application that allows users to simulate the fluid flow past a cylinder via a connection to the San Diego Supercomputer Center. 
    The user needs to be able to choose from a list of parameters before they run the simulation.
    The output will be a single .mpg no more than 35Mb in size and plots for lift and drag.
    The video will not be saved for more than a few days.
  • application name is "vortexshedding"
  • now on jetstream.

maintenance notes

  • to regen:
    $ cd /src/genapp; sudo -u ehb svn up; cd /opt/genapp/vortexshedding; sudo -Eu mbanks
  • to report on usage
    $ /opt/genapp/vortexshedding/output/html5/util/jobs_history.php


  • [done] unique project as a function of input fields
  • [done] add video output support
  • [done] add project to svn
  • [done] captcha
  • [done] add input cache
  • [done] historical usage report under admin
    • [done] date range and jobs ran and failed in a period would be of interest.
  • [done] verify output clear (was a bugfix)


  • center module option
  • input display predefined image
  • input display predefined video
  • cached names with 'hidden'?
  • limiting job submission, max "expensive" job limit, admin override
    • ? fifo queue of jobs
  • precomputed jobs with increment creator ("batch option")
  • user levels
    • self select
    • ? determine high school vs grad student / full demographic info
  • cancel job propagate to comet
  • email activation
  • minimal view
  • k-12, undergrad, grad
    • add field levels and level control ?
  • Table of standard parameter sets (to be decided by Prof. Pearlstein) with corresponding movie for general consumption
  • handle long running jobs appropriately
    • make movie of available frames?
    • advanced users - tailing some output file
    • partial image and/or step #
  • remove full path from textarea
  • an option for gateways monitor the genapp-commits mailing list or poll the svn for revision # and rebuild (at some specific schedule)


  • project groups ?
    • define group in module.json
    • have output go into the named group instead of user tree
    • add users belonging to group have access to reattach
    • optionally autocheck specified project in group for results and return that instead
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