priority list

  • n.b. revisit this list, as a lot has been completed in genappalpha or otherwise

short list

  1. listbox default issue
  2. training input directory
  3. admin improvements
    • record more stats ... jobs submitted, total cpu, total disk used, date/time of last job submitted ?
      • add reporting to admin->user
      • cron'd submission
      • directed reports to email
    • admin->integrity
      • for clearing out manual runs and a placeholder for things that might crop up later
  4. report generation
    • qtwebkit or directly ?
    • email button on results ?

[todo: pick from below]


  1. cron df/du message
  2. demo site at amazon ?
  3. _textarea specific font controls (need monospace)
  4. test input update (seemed missing in Joseph's demo)
  5. issue with path selection when only one subdir... brings over topmost...
  6. modal horizontal scrolling ...
  7. combo pdb trajectory widget
  8. pdb from db
  9. check html refresh
  10. timeout message & update email
  11. repeater issues
    • add logic to preserve repeat field data on integer repeater increment
    • add memory for hidden (e.g. via checkbox/listbox repeater) 1. add vm's to ganglia
  12. reset to defaults values not working in mmc for output
    • maybe just jmol?
    • also progress reset
  13. carriage return in text areas
  14. register captcha
    • email verification on registry
  15. file tool
    • add 'view' to contextmenu
    • add 'archive' to contextmenu
    • add ability to move files/directories about tree
  16. revisit job management
    • move to jstree style with right click for clear, reattach
    • job cancel
  17. min col width ?
  18. administration
    • manage global running jobs, users etc
    • survive reboot of server for remote running jobs
  19. rpath multiple
  20. clean up of html5 org for shared fs
  21. file manager grid data jstree-grid
    • add reattach of file manager for long compressions...
  22. cron'd clear of old jobs
  23. scroll to output area especially for file manager downloads when a big tree is shown
  24. better cache management for clients
  25. permission and ownership names in directives.json esp for group development
  26. namespace collision detection
  27. fix title open page on safari when logged in
  28. niceties
    • positive user feedback when typing in data to a login required form when not logged in
    • about button (under powered by genapp?) with revision
    • [possibly handled] screen management - clearing after job etc
    • when opening extra tabs via title, propagate login info
    • save state of jmol objects and don't reload on redisplay
    • add last udp message to feedback attachments
    • more font selections
    • plot2d
      • context-menu ?
      • lock in point coordinates
      • draw rectangle zoom
      • x,y axis font
      • rotate y axis label
      • additional caps
    • motd
    • module testing warning
  29. security
    • add logoff all tabs option
  30. fall 2015
    • 2 column
  31. add client code to create 2nd ajax request when receiving certain error results
    • e.g. PHP code received no $_REQUEST
  32. move all error=> responses to messageboxes ?
  33. __~ || ! &&
  34. job monitor improvements
    • active legend with highlight or show one curve
    • cancel jobs
  35. admin user improvements
    • lockout ?
    • remove ?
  36. admin file manager for all user & anonymous file/log access
  37. harden network calls against various failures such as loss of network etc
    • better messages
  38. "types" error... add a more helpful message to in the case of use of an undefined type with source
  39. decrease false positives for security alert (seems to show up sometimes regularly after admin->users and then a reattach)
  40. have seen reattach input failures (job monitor)
  41. automatic regression test generator from previously run jobs
    • shows difference
  42. listbox repeater duplicate list
  43. backup server, motd, etc.
  44. add ability to delete projects
  45. add ability to lock by "run" instead of project


  1. [done] demo site
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