NAMDrunner development priorities

genapp specific

  • [done] fix openstack file messaging
  • [done] functional cancel to openstack vms
  • admin advancements
    • ability to reattach to users jobs
    • openstack management/view

namdrunner module specific

  • easy continuation of production jobs

XSEDE/jetstream specific

  • Globus access to files
  • Project accounting
  • Credentials linkage
  • http->https
  • redo network for more than 254 vms
  • IAAS-10
    • allow users to allow gateway access to their project
    • add the project to submission of openstack
  • address variable performance issue details


  • right now, instances are immediately available, my concern is under high loads, we will need some sort of queuing access and may need to integrate with it
  • allocation requests that include NAMD for systems under ~250k atoms, can have some allocation that has been cut shifted to jetstream utilizing the namdrunner gateway
    • this way, the user won't lose anything, only gains additional SUs
    • we will need to implement IAAS-10 manually or via some other way - maybe a statement to these researchers
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