• construct
    • cylinder
    • other basic basic shapes
    • translate move
    • rotate
    • expanding the surface
  • add to existing model (pdb, somo, etc)
  • input to dmd or move it about
  • look at google sketch up for ideas
    • get email from olwyn
      AtoB could also be used to construct de novo a bead model to represent
      any three-dimensional shape via a combination of geometric operations (including
      e.g. add a new bead, delete a bead, move a bead or a subset of beads by a defined
      distance on x, y, and / or z-space, rotate a bead or a subset of beads about a defined
      origin or axis, create a circular array of defined radius of touching beads, expand
      a bead or a subset of beads). This functionality will shortly be re-introduced
      to AtoB together with an alternative "drag and drop" tool in the GUI (E. Brookes,
      personal communication). The coordinates of the finalised model can then be introduced
      to US-SOMO or HYDRO++ for hydrodynamic computation.
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