Amazon Web Services AWS Instructions

A prepared instance for GenApp is available for AWS and should be available in the Community AMI's.


You should be familiar with launching and accessing VM instances launched from the AWS EC2 console.

For more background information, see Getting started with EC2.


This image runs ok on a t2.micro "Free tier" type (of course, if you are going to have heavy usage or your underlying computational modules have special needs, please choose an appropriate type)

When setting up security groups, make sure you enable http.


  • Note: this AMI is available ONLY using the US West (Oregon) region
  • GenApp 1.0 Alpha Ubuntu 16

Setting up

  1. Login with your credentials
    • ssh -i yourawskey.pem ubuntu@ip-address-from-instance
  2. Update the operating system
    • sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    • if instructed, reboot the system and go back to step 1.
  3. update to the latest version of GenApp
    • $ svn update /src/genapp
  4. Set the configuration for your instance
    • $ $GENAPP/sbin/ -f -pj
      • The created $GENAPP/etc/config.json can also be manually edited
      • $ $GENAPP/sbin/setconfig -h will list options available for advanced usage
  5. Reconfigure your system
    • $ $GENAPP/sbin/reconfig
  • The VM instance should now be ready to use.
  • You should next follow post install steps outlined here.
    • note that the postfix mail server is already setup and running, but you will need to add proper values to each application's appconfig.json manually if you wish to use the "admin" and "feedback" systems.
    • e.g. add or edit this block in appconfig.json, replacing the key values appropriately:
          "mail"     : {
      	"admin"    : "someadmin@some.ip"
      	,"feedback" : "somefeedbackadress@some.ip"
      	,"from"     : ""
      • in a future update, we will work to simplify the email setup


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