installing apps after an automated install

  • assuming your application base is /opt/genapp
  • $ $GENAPP/sbin/ list will list available apps
  • $ $GENAPP/sbin/ -h will provide help information
    • you may want to look at this to list all options
  • basic instructions to install an app:
    • $ cd /opt/genapp - this is the base directory for applications and should already be created
      • N.B. /opt/genapp is the typical base for applications, /src/genapp is the typical source of genapp and it in the PATH
    • $ $GENAPP/sbin/ -gen SVNTYPE appname - will download and run genapp on the app
      • SVNTYPE can be "svn" or "svn+ssh".
        • "svn" will not allow commits back to the repository
        • "svn+ssh" will allow commits back to the repository, but requires your user to be setup on the repository, please get in touch
    • if all is well the new app should be available on the web at http://system-ip-address/appname
      • N.B. some apps (particularly sassie2 and somo) require special install of the underlying modules, please get in touch with us directly to get this part working.
        • we plan to automate this bit in future
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