notes for using VirtualBox

  • If you are using virtual box to host a virtual machine client instance, these notes maybe helpful to allow you to open your client instance to access the outgoing external network and also be able to open incoming ssh and http to the host.
  • You probably want to verify the list of OS's that are install supported in the first section here
  • You may need to open ports 22 (ssh) and 80 (http) on your instance's firewall.
    • Please refer to your OS's support for this.

network configuration

  • If you have not already created one, you will need to create a host-only network
    • in virtualbox->preferences
      • select "network"
        • select "host only networks"
          • if none are listed, click the green "+" to the right of the list to create vboxnet0
    • in the man virtual box window, select your guest
      • select "settings"->network
        • adapter 1
          • set "attached to" to "host-only adapter"
            • name: "virtbox0" should come up
        • adapter 2
          • check enable network adapter
          • set "attached to" to "NAT" (not "NAT Network")

after booting

  • you should be able to see both networks, private (10.x.x.x) and host visible (192.168.x.x).
    • e.g. Linux: # ipconfig -a
  • when running the GenApp install scripts, there is a stage where your are requested to verify the created config.json
    • this will need to be edited, as the system will automatically populate your public address and you need to change that to your host visible address
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