repeater and repeat


  • repeater and repeat allow module json specification of dynamic content of the user interface based on the values of fields
  • please get in touch if you need training on repeaters


  • repeater are module input fields that control the display of other user fields
  • three types of fields currently support the "repeater" : "true" tag.
    • "type" : "checkbox"
    • "type" : "integer"
    • "type" : "listbox"
  • if you have a need for a new repeater type, please get in touch


  • fields that repeat on a repeater have their display controlled by a repeater by adding the "repeat" : "*reference field*" tag
  • for checkbox repeaters, they will dynamically appear or disappear based on the checkbox checked status
  • for integer repeaters, the integer value will create that many duplicates of the field
  • for listbox repeaters, the repeat *reference field* will be the repeater field id plus a colon and the repeater choice (for listboxes, a vector of choices is defined in the module json)
  • not all fields currently support the repeat capability, but if you need use one that you find is not supported, please get in touch

generated module json input

  • repeater structure can get complicated so a facility for graphical representation is provided.
  • if you add the "extendedjsoninputtags" : "true" to your module.json, then an alternate json structure will be provided to your module input which follows the repeater structure as follows recursively:
    • repeat field on a checkbox repeater is under the tag of the repeater field id
    • repeat field on an integer repeater is a vector under the tag of the repeater field id
    • repeat field on a listbox repeater is under the tag of the repeater choice under the tag of the repeater field id


  • repeater depth is currently limited to 25, but is easy to change if greater depth is needed (get in touch), but this may already be greater than a user can deal with.
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