module json

  • the module json describes the input and output for a wrapped executable module
  • many examples are found here

current target languages

  • html5
  • qt3
  • qt4

special note on loading filenames in text fields

  • Filenames loaded in via input as text should be declared "safefile" : "true" in the field JSON.
  • the acceptable pattern is currently: starts with alphanumeric then followed by alphanumeric, dot (.), underscore (_), dash (-), and forward slashes (for directory traversal within the job tree), but after every slash you must again start with an alphanumeric character. e.g. abc/.xyz is not acceptable, abc/x./y./z is.
  • This will prevent attempts at wandering outside the job's directory tree
  • e.g.:
                       "role"     : "input",
                       "id"       : "filetext",
                       "label"    : "filetext",
                       "type"     : "text",
                       "safefile" : "on"

target compute resource

  • optional top-level attribute
    • i.e. in module.json, not under fields
  • "resource" : "xyz"
  • this module-specific attribute will override the global default "resourcedefault" attribute in the application configuration json
  • the attribute value must be defined in "resources" as described in the application configuration json
  • example in genapptest: data_interpolation

submit policy

  • optional top-level attribute
    • i.e., in module.json, not under fields
  • "submitpolicy" : "login"
    • the user must be logged in to submit this module
  • "submitpolicy" : "all"
    • anyone (logged in or not) can submit this module
  • this module-specific attribute will override the global default "submitpolicy" in the application configuration json
  • example in genapptest: align

unique run directory

  • optional top-level attribute
    • i.e., in module.json, not under fields
  • "uniquedir" : "on"
  • see more about projects and files here
  • example in genapptest: data_interpolation

specified project - html5-only

  • for the case when each run should get a specified project identifier
    • it will be assembled as a sequence of selected input field values
    • each field to be part of that sequence needs
      • "specifiedproject" : "pp"
      • this will add that field's specifiedproject and its value to assemble the project name
      • do to project naming restrictions, any non-alphanumeric character will be replaced by an underscore
    • specified projects results can be cached

module help

  • optional top level attribute
  • "help" : "help text"
  • "help text" will appear over the module load button when help is on

module field help

  • optional field level attribute
  • "help" : "help text"
  • "help text" will appear over the module's field when help is on


  • any module can optionally require a "captcha" human verification upon submit
  • to enable, you must enable captcha in directives.json and add to the module json as a top level attribute:
        "captcha" : "true",

hide buttons if not logged on

  • this option will hide the submit and reset buttons if the user is not logged in
  • one use is for viewing public cached results
        "hideifnotlogon" : "true",


  • if modules have no input (i.e. are simply a result), they "self submit" automatically with the "autosubmit" tag
        "autosubmit" : "true",

background image

  • a module specific background image can be specified with the "backgroundimage" tag
  • note: a global image can be specified in directives.json
  • N.B. can not be currently combined with user colors
  • e.g.
        ,"backgroundimage" : "pngs/simulate.png"
  • these images should be placed in add/pngs/ before running


  • by default, module fields are left justified on the screen. To "center" the module fields, add the following to your module json:
        ,"center" : "true"


  • by default, module output fields are left justified on the screen. To "center" the only the module output fields, add the following to your module json:
        ,"centeroutput" : "true"


  • by default, the submit label is labeled "Submit", to change this
        ,"submit_label" : "your submit label text"


  • by default, text in columns such as labels, wraps when there is insufficient room on the screen. To prevent this:
        ,"nowrap" : "true"


  • rev 1039+
  • email notification is available for modules by specifying the following
        ,"notify" : "email"

job limits / weight

  • by default, the module's running job does not count against any configured job limits
  • if you wish to include a module to be limited, you need to add a 'jobweight' field to the module json
        ,"jobweight" : 1
  • the value (1) used above is a typical value to use, but you can use any floating point value
  • controlling the job limits for users is described in the appconfig.json info.

getting the module json as part of your executable input

  • to activate this option, add the following to your module json:
        ,"sendmodulejson" : "true"
  • the executable will receive an additional input field with the _json tag

rfile and lrfile

  • n.b. when a remote (server-side) file is given to the module's executable, only the path is given, a copy is not made in the job directory

currently defined types

  • notes:
    • module entry id's must be unique
    • html5-only should only be temporary until the feature is ported to other languages
    • decimal number values for min, max etc *must* begin with a digit: e.g. .5 is not a valid number and will not behave as expected.
nameinput supportoutput supportappend (output-only)
primarily for messaging)
default (input-only)min (input-only)max (input-only)step (input-only)required (input-only)repeater (input-only)help
(example calculate:calculate_2, analysis:pm)
notesgenapptest example
integeryesyesyesnoyesyeshtml5-onlyyeshtml5-onlyhtml5-onlymore info including sync tools:center
repeater example interact:interact_1
step example tools:center
floatyesyesnoyesyesyeshtml5-onlyyesnohtml5-only tools:center
textyesyesnoyesnononoyesnohtml5-only build:build_1
textareayesyeshtml5-onlyyesnononoyesnohtml5-onlymultiline default input not yet supportedbuild:build_2
checkboxyesyesnononononoyeshtml5-onlyhtml5-onlyadditional 'checked' attributebuild:build_2
repeater example calculate:calculate_1
radioyesyesnononononoyesnohtml5-onlyone entry for each button
name is the name of the radio button (common for all members)
listboxyesnonoyesnonononohtml5-onlyhtml5-onlyno required attribute, but it will always have a value
row spacing minor layout issue on repeater
repeater example calculate:calculate_2
plot2dnoyesnononononononohtml5-onlymore info tools:data_interpolation
atomicstructurenoyesnononononononohtml5-onlymore info tools:data_interpolation
fileyesyesnononononoyesnohtml5-onlyadditional multiple attribute(input-only)simulate:simulate_1
lrfilehtml5-onlyhtml5-onlynononononoyesnohtml5-onlymore info
"multiple" attribute not yet supported
rfilehtml5-onlyhtml5-onlynononononoyesnohtml5-onlymore info
"multiple" attribute not yet supported
rpathhtml5-onlyhtml5-onlynononononoyesnohtml5-onlymore info
"multiple" attribute not yet supported
labelhtml5-onlyhtml5-onlynoyes*nononononohtml5-only*can be header1,2,3,4 or blankinteract:interact_2
hiddenhtml5-onlynonoyesnonononononothis is primarily to pass a value in json to the executableanalysis:pm
htmlnohtml5-onlynoyesnonononononoallows html outputnone currently, but it's a typical field layout
progressnohtml5-onlynononoyes (for output)nonononoprogress bar default ranges is 0 to 1.0, setting max to a positive value will make the range 0-maxtools:center
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