jobs and the job manager

submission info

  • unless specified otherwise in the module JSON with the directive "nojobcontrol" : "on", each submission can only run once in a specific user project directory
  • additional jobs must wait until the prior one completes

job manager

  • the job manger provides the user with the ability to
    • view prior and running jobs
    • remove jobs from history
      • note the related project files are not deleted and must be handled separately via the file manager
    • clear locks on projects
      • generally caused by jobs that fail (this is typically an issue with the module executable itself)
    • reattach to jobs
      • it can be running or completed
      • if you change an underlying module json the reattachment may be confusing to the user as any changed fields in input or output will not be mapped
        • we may eventually implement module versioning to notify the user
    • [not currently functional] cancel running jobs
  • color coding:
    • the project can be
      • white (not locked)
      • red (locked by this job)
      • yellow (locked by another job)

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