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file inclusion

  • a json field value can be taken from the contents of a file
  • this is useful when you have a large document to use as a value
  • the file types .txt, .html, .doc and .docx are currently supported
    • for doc and docx:
      • abiword must be installed and available in the path for genapp processing
      • the doc is converted to html and then included
  • the files should be in a subdirectory named "files" or a language specific LANGUAGE/files subdirectory
  • the value is given as "_ _< filename"
    • e.g. myfile.txt would appear as follows:
          "tag" : "__< myfile.txt"

doc docx notes

  • you can include images, the *should* be handled ok, some of this is experimental, so let us know if you find a problem
  • for links, use this format to get a nice link:
       __link{ My tag line}
    • this will provide a link to the URL with "My tag line" as the text