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directory layout

  • when generating a genapp application, the genapp tool is run from some directory BASEDIR
  • the genapp tool $ is run from within the directory and each language LANGUAGE listed in the directives.json file will create output in BASEDIR/output/LANGUAGE

additional files

advanced usage: language specific overrides [rev 610+]

  • during the run of, if BASEDIR/LANGUAGE exists for any language:
    • the BASEDIR/LANGUAGE/directives.json will be *appended* to the BASEDIR/directives.json definitions
      • nb:
        • "languages" tag can not be included in a language specific json
        • json redefinitions of any top level tags will be *replaced*
          • e.g. if BASEDIR/directives.json has "sometag" : "abc" and BASEDIR/LANGUAGE/directives.json has "sometag" : "xyz", the value for "sometag" will be "xyz" for that LANGUAGE
          • this is true regardless of tag contents ( don't fall into the trap that some sub level will be replaced at that sub level )
            • e.g. BASEDIR/directives.json contains a value for "sometag":
                 "sometag" : { "abc" : "hi", "def" : "there" }
            • and BASEDIR/LANGUAGE/directives.json contains:
                 "sometag" : { "def" : "not here" }
            • the final value for "sometag" seen for this language will be
                 "sometag" : { "def" : "not here" }
    • the BASEDIR/LANGUAGE/menu.json will *replace* the BASEDIR/menu.json for that LANGUAGE
    • any BASEDIR/LANGUAGE/modules/module.json will *replace* the module.json for that module for that LANGUAGE