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docs api

api server

program description
apiserver.js serves as somo job server, uses node, export, etc
apiutil.js similar loblog.php, handles mongo storage utils, logjobstart, etc
jobrun.js handles individual jobs run

api calls

call type format arguments return format description
/useradd GET url-encoded email, user, pw json adds a user
/userstatus GET url-encoded user json checks if a user exists
/jobsubmit POST url-encoded + files user, pw, id, _uuid, module json attempts to submit job
/jobcancel GET url-encoded user, pw, id, _uuid json attempts to cancel job
/jobstatus GET url-encoded user, pw, id, _uuid json returns job status
/jobresults GET url-encoded user, pw, id, _uuid json + file? returns job results


  • us_hydrodyn_cluster_submit
  • [done] make run directory, save file(s)
  • [done] log job start in mongo?
  • [done] check user/pw ?
  • [done] spawn job controller task
  • [done] add log job status to apiutil.js
  • start job
    • [doing] jobsubmit
    • jobcancel
    • jobstatus
    • jobresults
  • handle general genapp module runs...
    • api, right?
    • containers
    • node-docker-api to run
  • us_hydrodyn_cluster_status
    • look at svn diff's to us_hydrodyn_cluster_config
      • methinks that's the last one...