directives.json and appconfig.json svn notes

  • directives.json and appconfig.json should not be kept in the repository since they are system specific
  • instead, you can commit directives.json.sysname and appconfig.json.sysname
  • also, if you make changes to directives.json (excepting paths below), please also make the changes to directives.json.template
    • note the paths in .template are specially setup to allow to install properly on a different system
      • e.g.
          "executable_path"           :
                                         "html5" : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/bin",
                                         "qt3"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/bin",
                                         "qt4"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/bin",
                                         "qt5"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/bin",
                                         "java"  : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/bin"
          "docroot"                   :
                                         "html5" : "__webroot__",
                                         "qt3"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/tmp",
                                         "qt4"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/tmp",
                                         "qt5"   : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/tmp",
                                         "java"  : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/tmp"
          ,"appconfig"                 : "__app_parent_directory__/demo/appconfig.json"
    • planned is a utility to make a directives.json.template file from directives.json, but for now, you will have to manually edit any changes except for the paths above
  • appconfig.json will be created on the target system during the install process, so no need to make a template
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